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Look Rad?

Look Rad was founded in 2005 with the vision of creating visual art that drew attention from onlookers.  Initially, artwork was produced to see how many hits it could garner by itself with the right keywords and submission category.  The project was a success, and artwork was eventually sold online as a result of successful visual marketing.  No words, no message — just imagery.  The company moved into graphic design by 2008, producing graphics for many individuals and businesses.  Through 2010, the company garnered web design clients and began working with artists on complete CD packaging, web, and merchandise graphics and management.  Then, in 2012, the company launched an aggressive local marketing campaign to determine how to best target companies with a cold sales introduction to it’s services.  The campaign was successful, and now, in 2017, Look Rad is relaunching as a national graphic design and marketing materials creation company.  We look to create rad, thoughtful visuals that captivate people and convey key information in a memorable way.

Look, Rad!

You have an idea.  You need mathematically perfect graphics to represent that idea.  You need to make that representation interactive, and then, you face the biggest hurdle of them all — you need to successfully invite people to interact with the interactive representation of your idea.  The most enchanting thing to a human being is the archetype.  Whether it be the noble stag appearing suddenly in your peripherals as you walk through the forest;  the brief and vast eagle attracting your gaze with it’s cry shortly before disappearing around a mountain peak;  a flash of gold in a pan; the list goes on and on.  Humans freeze for a moment when those archetypes are encountered in their physical environment.  They trigger unknown pathways in the mind, gently winnowing the viewers attention until — click — they are captivated.  This type of visual is what we refer to as a visual that “Looks Rad.”  We may say, “Look, Rad!” to get your attention — or “Look Rad?” to get your approval — either way, it’s going to Look Rad.  We’re going to make sure of it.  It’s our namesake.